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Accueil: Bienvenue


Growing up a horse rider, for over 13 years, I was training and competing at a national level; I stopped to study foreign languages and business. 

I started travelling and studying abroad in the US, where I discovered a whole new world of possibilities.

Finishing my studies with a masters degree in International Negotiation, I travelled to India for an internship in Chennai, India. This is where and when I started dancing, and never stopped since.


2015 marks the beginning of a different life for me, as I participated in several TV reality shows in Tamil Nadu, and worked in Nanda's dance company, behind the scenes, as assistant choreographer.

I've since then been an independent artist, exploring outside of Dance, as well as diving into different dance styles.

A dancer never stops!

Heard from Niruban Chakravarti, in my early dancing days.